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Request and Inquiry
Hello Semen,
I'm not sure if you remember me but I wanted to buy a kitten from you last month.
I will not be able to buy one anytime soon and I'll tell you why. I thought the kittens
were a little too expensive; but in hindsight I realize that specialty breeds come with
a specialty price. I continued to search the web for a cheaper breeder but ended up
getting scammed out of all my money. I was able to get a refund from my bank. But I
thought it would be a good idea to request that you put up a precautionary warning
for anyone else who wants to complain over the prices of your cats. There are imposters
/ scammers who will take every penny from them and leave them heartbroken like I was.
I now understand that your cats are priced this way because you are legitimate and the
cats are healthy and sociable. 
I am supposed to be getting a ragdoll kitten from a lady in Pennsylvania soon. But I would like
to get a Calico persian from you once I finish school. How much longer do you think you will
breed the calico persian kittens? But again, please edit your website if it's possible to warn
other potential customers. Let them know that scammers will not be willing to meet them in
person, will not have a listed address & will ask for a crate and insurance fee that must be paid
with Western Union, Cash app or other forms of untraceable payments. 
Thanks and I hope to buy from you one day,

Subject: For Irina and Semen at Furry dream cattery 07.11.2008
Dear Irina and Semen:
Just an update: We bought a beautiful female & silver tabby persian kitten, around 3/08 from "Furry Dream,
and we wanted to tell you that she is progressing and growing beautifully and is very happy
and getting along with our three older cats who love her and play with her all the time.
We call her Valentina -- here she is on the right napping with Katya
Katya and Sonya (a blue persian female and a chocolate tabby persian female)
were purchased from you, as well, in 2006 and are now two years old and are very happy and healthy also.
       Katya       Valentina
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Best Wishes, MaryAnn and David Inkeles

Sent: 11-Nov-2011 18:54:41
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Sent: Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2012 17:18:47
In the beginning of November we purchased a kitten from you.
At the time I told the young girl I would send her a picture.
So here it is. We love him so much. Thank you. Sincerely, Glen Mancuso Exclusive Agent
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Date:  Sun, 28 Apr 2013 13:23:47 -0400
From: ""
Subject: Battys kitten 4/3/10 

Hi Irena & Semen. Just wanted to update you on the black Persian we adopted from you that was a year old at the time from Battys litter!
Her name is Black Onyx. (so sweet) She took a long time to adapt but she finally did thank goodness! Pandabear, her liter mate,  absolutely
adores her from the second they saw eachother again! Panda constantly is cleaning and showing love and affection for her. Panda will also
make sure Onyx eats before her, laying down patiently behind.  They just turned 3 as their birthday just passed! Onyx loves to follow us
around and be right under our feet...she just doesn't like to be held but for a minute but makes a stink to be petted all the time as she will
meow at you and purr! Pandabear is perfect,  constantly into things, eating things, playing with Onyx, loves car rides, getting fresh air
on a harness, as well as constantly yelling at my husband every morning he gets ready for work! "she is spoiled and a bratt"! She knows
when its bed time, yelling at us as she heads up to bed as well as waking us every morning with nudging our hands with her face!
They are very loved and spoiled! I'm glad they get to grow up together! Thank you again, and will give more updates down the line!
Mark & Terr
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Subject: Fwd: Testimonial
At 16:26 9/12/2014, you wrote:
Dear Irina and Semen - My sister mourned for a full year after her cat of twenty years passed away.
She refused to consider a new kitten until I discovered Irinaís website. In June of 2014 she finally
agreed to accompany me to Brookline  ďjust to look,Ē as there were two litters available. She fell
in love, reasoned that two would be better than one because they would keep each other company
during the day when she worked, and had great difficulty narrowing her choice to the two she found
most adorable. Nothing has made my sister happier in many years. The kittens are healthy and
strong and so gorgeous that when they go for checkups at the vetís, the entire office stops
work and comes to ogle and praise. They play constantly, little furballs of pure energy, but never
scratch furniture; and they are gentle and loving and sit quietly on my sisterís lap whenever she can sit.
They are good travelers and she takes them everywhere with her. My whole family has kept cats for
years, but we have never met nicer-tempered animals than these kittens.  Please know that they are in
a loving home where they are the center of my sisterís life and that they have made a huge difference
in the life of one human. Thank you. Jen
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Sent: 3/25/2015 9:04:31 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Dear Irina- I am attaching recent pictures of the two gorgeous kittens I purchased
for my sister last summer. They are happy, healthy, and the most beautiful cats we
have ever seen. They have changed my sister's life. Thank you again.  Jen
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Follow Mr. Kittyface Persian cream push. Purebred formally known as Mr. Pushkin Kittyface. Est. 04/09/15. Famous.

Dear Irina and the family!
Can you recognize the little cuddly fur balls I've taken from your loving
hands almost four years ago? Look at them now! Purrrrr delight!
Well, there hasn't been a day that would go by, that we wouldn't
tell each other how grateful we are to you for these healthy,
well behaved, most loving and gorgeous creatures! 
My children and I love and adore our cats; the words cannot
describe how much joy and happiness they've brought into our life!
Sweet Irina, your disposition has always been very friendly, kind,
and straightforward. Throughout the years, you've made yourself
available to answer any and all of our questions; you've listened
patiently to any of the concerns, and offered helpful advice along the way.
Also, having visited the cattery several times, I couldn't help but notice
the overall special atmosphere in your house: not only the
communication between the family members had been loving,
affirming, and respectful, but even your beautiful cats were so
mild mannered and affectionate.
Our entire experience at the "Furry Dream" cattery has been nothing
but wonderful and positive; my children and I are really grateful for that.
From the bottom of our hearts, 
Thank you!
Y. and the boys.
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We brought our cat for grooming and this was it!!! 
The best we have ever had in Brooklyn!!! 
Just the way we wanted and our cat is so happy!! Playing and jumping all over!! 
Masya is the center of all the attention now)))) 
Thank you very much for great service!!!
Anastasia Yakubov 
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Ksenia S 
This is Ksenia, we took Leo from you. I left a review on Google and yelp and here is one more
for your website: I got my kitten a month ago and he is the most loving, sweetest kitten ever.
He licks our faces, is very affectionate and loves to play. This is actually my second cat I got from Irina.
The first cat I got from Irina was in 2005 and she was very healthy and the best cat ever that lived
for 15 years. This cattery breeds amazing cats and I am planning to get another kitten soon from
them as well. Irina herself is very kind, caring, and will answer every question you have. You can
even call months or years later and she will be happy to help with anything. She also gives haircuts
for cats which are amazing as well! I recommend them to everyone if you are looking to add an amazing
family member to your family!!! Thank you Irina for everything.
- Ksenia 


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